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The Harbinger

Harbinger Chronicles

Fans of The Harbinger Chronicle Series, will be thrilled to know that the third book in the series, Accession, is in the final stages of editing and will be ready to purchase in the New Year. With Accession, you can finally get caught up on the comings and goings of the Wolfield Royal Family and the Kingdom of Alveus.

Harbinger Chronicles

It comes from a trusted authority, that talented Fantasy Fiction author Christopher Huntingford has put pen to paper in the most exciting twist yet in The Harbinger Chronicles Series, Accession.

Those who have followed the saga of Prince Alexander and the rest of the Wolfield Clan will be ecstatic to find out what is in store for the youngest in the Royal Family. Fans of The Harbinger followed Prince Alexander as he did his best to protect the Kingdom from evil, only to lose his beloved older brother, and the Crown Prince Edward in the process.

Harbinger Chronicles

Retribution, the second book in the series, focuses on the dark side of Prince Alexander and teaches readers how easy it is to fall from grace. Retribution is the tale of revenge brought on by someone that you least suspect. Retribution shows fans that anyone is capable of the dark side.

Accession is like the calm after the storm, or so you would think until you begin to realize what the new Crown Prince, Mattias, is really up to. What is the real reason that Prince Mattias has ordered his younger brother Prince Alexander to build an army? Could it be that his true intention is to become a dictator of the Kingdom of Alveus? Only time will tell.

harbinger chronicles

The Harbinger and Retribution are now available from Amazon, and if you haven’t read the Fantasy Fiction books, now is your chance. Order today and you will have plenty of time to prepare for the third book in The Harbinger Chronicles Series, Accession.

This Christmas share the love and buy your copies of The Harbinger and Retribution today. Or download on your Kindle or Kindle device and start reading. You won’t be disappointed. Order now.

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