Author Christopher Huntingford 3rd Annual Pirate Party

Harbinger Chronicles

Pirate Party

Author Christopher Huntingford takes his social life as seriously as his penmanship as was evident in the annual Memorial Day Weekend Pirate Party. As expected, “Topher,” and his wife Stacy along with the help of First Mate Rob and his sassy Lassie Michelle threw a party that was more than worthy of the third annual title.


The Harbinger Chronicles Series author and his newlywed acted along with Rob and Michelle as hosts for the party that featured great food, grog, live music and a talented DJ. If you have read the Harbinger and Retribution, you will know that the author enjoys nothing more than a good shot of whiskey, much like third born son Calimus.

Harbinger Chronicles SeriesJust like Calimus, author Christopher Huntingford has an eye for a good drop, but unlike Prince Calimus doesn’t take it over the edge.

The Harbinger Chronicles Series is Growing

One of the best things about the Harbinger and Retribution is the cast of characters. Each character is reminiscent of the friends and family the Huntingford’s surround themselves with.


3rd Annual Pirate Party
Photos Courtesy of Christopher Sawyer

The small community where author Christopher Huntingford and his wife Stacy reside is much like the Kingdom of Alveus with townspeople playing favorites when it comes to the Wolfield Royal Family and the people who live in and around Alveus.

perfect gift

Prince Alexander would like nothing more than to flee the Kingdom sailing to new lands and new territories where he can be free from the strange voices in his head that will not stop.

The youngest son in the Wolfield family has a twin, Princess Sofia. The two are inseparable until Sofia marries a man who is less than perfect according to Alexander anyway.


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