Christopher Huntingford excitedly debuts The Harbinger, The first book in the Harbinger Chronicles series.  Armed with over a decade of corporate experience and running highly successful teams in the field of customer service, Christopher decided it was time for something completely different.  He went back to his childhood roots.  Those same roots that had him hooked on Star Wars at age 4 to reading ancient world history texts as fun over summer vacation begged to be set free.

Four months after typing the first word to his novel, a passion was reawakened and a new world was created.  He promised his then 8 year old son to one day publish his story and dedicate to him.

Christopher currently lives in the land of sun and surf also known as Orange County, California. He enjoys gastro-pubs, swords, and puppies (and puppies with swords).  He will eventually be succeeded by his charismatic and handsome 11 year old son.