Fantasy Fiction You Can’t Put Down

Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy Fiction remains the same, however, if you are tired of the same old fantasy fiction reads, it’s time to order The Harbinger and Retribution from Amazon. The first two books in the Harbinger Chronicles Series are sure to whet your appetite for the upcoming third book in the Harbinger Chronicles Series, Accession.

If you have been following the saga of the Wolfields and their Kingdom of Alveus, you will know all too well what King Magnus, his Queen Caroline, Crown Prince Edward, Princes Calimus, Mattias, and the young prince Alexander have been up to. However, Prince Alexander’s sister Sofia is sure to have a few surprises for loyal fans.

fantasy fiction

The Harbinger introduces readers to Princess Sofia who would rather shoot a bow and arrow or hide a dagger than wait in the palace for the best suitor. If you are into Fantasy Fiction, you will know that most young princesses are married off, and that may very well be the case for 18-year-old Princess Sofia.

fantasy fictionPrincess Sofia, much to the distaste of her mother Queen Caroline would love to travel the world hitting the high seas with her twin Prince Alexander, but unfortunately, that will never be the case.

After reading Retribution, you will know the fate of the beautiful princess who would much rather be inducted into the Royal Horseman than be married off to a royal who is closer to her father’s age than her own.

Fantasy FictionThe female characters in The Harbinger, Retribution and the yet to be released Accession will surprise even the most loyal Fantasy Fiction fans, especially Prince Alexander’s ward, Emma.

Rescued from slavery, the young Emma will show readers that she is much more then the girl who was kidnapped from her family’s island.

fantasy fiction

Just like Lady Isadora and Angelica, fans of The Harbinger Chronicles will see how strong the female characters are in author Christopher Huntingford’s books.

Fantasy Fiction at its best is waiting on Amazon. Order The Harbinger and Retribution today or download instantly on your Kindle or Kindle device.  Head over to Amazon today.

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