Get Ready for The Harbinger Chronicles Series Rerelease

Harbinger Chronicles Series

The Harbinger Chronicles

Fans of The Harbinger Chronicles Series are patiently waiting for the re-release of The Harbinger and Retribution.

If you follow the blog, you will know that talented author Christopher Huntingford has found a new publisher that has delivered the all important editor notes to make The Harbinger Chronicles into a best-selling fantasy fiction book series. Best of all, fans of the series will have the inside scoop when it comes to the re-released fantasy fiction novels The Harbinger and Retribution.

The Harbinger Chronicles

According to author Christopher Huntingford there will be some interesting changes to the overall structure, but not the characters. The new publisher, just like fans of the series, is fascinated with the Wolfield Royal Family and the rest of the townsfolk from the Kingdom of Alveus.

So impressed is the new publisher that the Crown Prince Edward, his parents Queen Caroline and King Magnus, Prince Mattias, Prince Calimus and twins Prince Alexander and Princess Sofia will remain just as colorfully complicated as they always were.

Harbinger Chronicles Series

Speaking of Prince Calimus, rumor has it that he may be willing to change his womanizing and boozing ways to protect the Kingdom of Alveus, which if Regent Prince Mattias has anything to do with, will need all the protection it can muster.

If you have read The Harbinger and Retribution, you will know that the handsome and popular Crown Prince Edward was murdered leaving the Kingdom without a successor to the throne, that is until King Magnus appointed his second born to the position.

The Harbinger Chronicles

Loved by some and hated by many, especially his own brother, Prince Mattias is set to lead the Kingdom in Accession, book three in the series, but is he up to the task? Can Prince Mattias really keep Alveus from war? Only time will tell…

If you haven’t purchased your copies of The Harbinger and Retribution, head over to Amazon. You’ll want to have these on hand, especially when the re-released Harbinger Chronicles Series comes out.

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