The Harbinger Chronicles Accession Out Soon

The Harbinger Chronicles

If you are eagerly awaiting the release of the latest in the Harbinger Chronicle Series, Accession, you are in for a real treat as the Harbinger Chronicles blog has taken a sneak peak at this amazing fantasy fiction novel and is bursting at the seams.

The Harbinger Chronicles

The first two books in the series, The Harbinger and Retribution, introduced the readers to both light and dark with each character exposing more of him or herself at every turn of the page.

Accession opens with disappointing news that the feisty Prince Mattias has been named as the successor to the throne, and although readers may be furious at the decision, it was the right thing to do, according to the rules of Alveus anyway.

The Harbinger Chronicles

After the death of the Crown Prince Edward in the first book The Harbinger, and Prince Alexander’s dark times, the people of the Kingdom of Alveus had hoped that King Magnus would alter the rules. Rumors abound that Prince Mattias will start a civil war between the brothers, Prince Alexander and Prince Calimus and of course the other territories in the Kingdom.

King Magnus, for all intensive purposes has been abdicated, and although his own family considers Prince Calimus a drunkard and a womanizer, he is favored to be King among the commoners over his warmonger brother Prince Mattias.

The Harbinger Chronicles

Prince Alexander is far more intelligent than his brothers are, but the constant feuding between Calimus, Mattias, and his father King Magnus have left the commoners in Alveus less than sympathetic when it comes to the young Prince. However, none of that really matters in the grand scheme of things, as there is unrest in the Kingdom with much more going on in the battle between good and evil.

Will Prince Alexander succumb to the evil that lurks outside the gates of Alveus, or will he be able to overcome the vengeful Abiyram? Only time will tell.

The Harbinger Chronicles

Accession will be out before you know it and if you can’t wait to get your hands on Accession, but need to get caught up first, order your copy of The Harbinger and Retribution online from Amazon today.

Get caught up and order your copies, or download The Harbinger and Retribution on your Kindle or Kindle App today.

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