Dan Fowler-
Not your average fantasy fiction novel. Great themes, strong story, and a flare for intrigue pushes you through this book with utter ease. A great read for any adult and even teenage audiences. Looking forward to the second volume in the series.

Susan King-
Very well written for a new author. Characters come to life as the story unfolds. I was thoroughly entertained and would recommend this book. Cannot wait for #2

Tony Calvano-
I had the honor of reading the manuscript of “The Harbinger Chronicles: The Harbinger” by Christopher Huntingford and interviewing him three times on my internet radio show. I purchased my own autographed copy the day the book launched. Good thing I did, as the first printing sold out within 30 days!

Brief synopsis: Lead character, Alexander Wolfield, is a troubled son of the King who sees an imminent threat and meets his personal demons and his enemies head on while trying to convince his allies and comrades that the threat is not somewhere across the sea – but it’s knocking at the door.
Christopher lays out masterfully and exquisitely, through the first few chapters, the kingdom of Alveus and the main characters. This comprehensive approach offers a lot of clarity, reader immersion into their favorite characters, and sets the stage for the non-stop action that I read in the following chapters. Teenagers and young adults, for example, will love the “coming of age” theme, interpersonal conflicts, and how our closely-held beliefs seem to unravel once we are introduced to the “real world.”
Christopher has held this dream in his heart to become a published novelist for over 20 years. This is his time. His inspired writing crosses many different genres, including: action, adventure, fantasy, interpersonal relationships, motivation, and leadership. Anyone from a teenager through adult would be well-suited to enjoy this book series.
I am not only excited to meet Christopher at an upcoming author signing, but also to tear into “The Harbinger Chronicles: Untitled Volume II.”
Wonderful book – I’m about to read it again.

Stacy Marshall-
This book is a great read for anyone 14 and up. The book has suspense, action, adventure, magic, and family trials and tribulations. The characters Prince Edward, Prince Alexander, Princess Sofia and many others take this adventure to the next level of reading. What I truly enjoyed about this book was how suspenseful it was, as soon as I picked it up I could not put it down until the end. The magical twist and fantasy creatures are my favorite aspects, I am truly happy that this is the first book in a series and cant wait for Christopher Huntingford to continue the adventures of Alveus and the journey these characters take. I give this book a “5” star rating. Please don’t make us wait too long for the next book.

James Salmons-
To all my fellow readers,
If you haven’t read new author Christopher Huntingford’s new book “The Harbinger Chronicles” you are missing a great read. If you liked the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Knights of the Round table you will love this first installment of Mr. Huntingfords new series and I can’t wait till the next book comes out. The books main characters are believable and rich with a great story. You always wonder if the next book in a series will be as good as the first but I think we have a winner.
If you buy this book plan on spending a good weekend reading. I started it and couldn’t put it down.

Kimberly Reynolds-
This is a great first attempt for a new author! Action scenes are wonderfully written and totally believable and characters are well thought out and interact in a natural way. No extraneous information and continuity is beautifully done. Great as a stand alone novel or as the beginning of a series. Waiting impatiently for the second book!

Jeffrey P. Woicik
I recently completed the Harbinger, and enjoyed every bit it it. Christopher developed the pending conflict through his analysis of the main characters, their relationships, and political aspirations, combined with the growing threat of rebellion of a previously defeated, indiginous population. I found a ‘quickening’ of my curiosity, as I read through as the increasingly sinister plots, seemed to doom the Kingdom. Not lacking for action, the clash between the ‘Barbarian’ forces, and the Kingdom’s armies left me with an anticipation of outcomes. I can’t write more without telling the story, however, I’m anxiously looking forward to the ‘continuation’ to see whether Alex achieves the destiny he seeks, in the next edition of the Harbinger.

Paula Maine
This is a great book, I can not wait for number 2, he has a way of making you feel like your part of the story, I have recommended it to many of my friends great job!!!

Lisa G
Brilliant coming of age adventure story set in Medeval times about Prince Alexander. We first meet him on his 18th birthday when as the youngest son of the kingdom he is dissatisfied with his positon and longs for more. His father the King reluctantly grants him to travel where he goes on many adventures and chooses his guards. Upon his return there is more conflict as he carves out a position for himself. This story did not have a dull moment between griffins, battles, and an Angel of Death. Well written and organized plot that was exciting and easy to follow. I could not put this down and I cannot wait to read more by this talented author.

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