The Harbinger Chronicles Fantasy Fiction Book Series

Fantasy Fiction book series

Fantasy Fiction book series

The Harbinger Chronicles fantasy fiction book series will take you on a journey into a faraway land, and just like the best selling fantasy book series Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, The Harbinger, Retribution and the yet to be released Accession will leave you feeling happy, sad, mad and full of passion.

Talented author Christopher Huntingford has created compelling characters in his fantasy fiction book series that will pull your heartstrings; however, some of the characters will change as the chapters unfold. The people who you thought were honest and trustworthy turn out to be conniving and greedy. Even the Royal Family will show their true colors as the fascinating story is told.

Fantasy Fiction book series

Unlike Abiyram and Nicodemus whose intentions are clear from the start, the characters that you thought you could trust turn into completely different people in The Harbinger Chronicles fantasy fiction book series.

If you have read The Harbinger and Retribution, you will have met Prince Mattias from the Wolfield Royal Family. Prince Mattias is the second born son and has a secret agenda that will surprise even his most loyal fans.

Fantasy Fiction book series

Prince Mattias’ turbulent relationship with his younger brother Prince Alexander will change as the two become entwined in a power struggle that could spiral the Kingdom of Alveus into an all out war when Prince Alexander is ordered by Prince Mattias to build an army of horseman.

Prince Alexander knows nothing about building an army, but when his father King Magnus agrees with Prince Mattias, second in line to the throne, the young Prince understands his duty to the Kingdom and sets out to find an army of strong and eager men to keep the Kingdom of Alveus safe.

Fantasy Fiction book series

Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans can go awry when Prince Alexander has to kidnap young men to fill his cavalry of soldiers. Just like in real life, fans of the young Prince will see a different side to Alexander as he steals and kidnaps to fulfill his duty as Commander of the Royal Horseman.

The Harbinger Chronicles Fantasy Fiction book series will keep you entertained, and if you haven’t purchased your copies of the First Edition of The Harbinger Chronicles Fantasy Fiction book series, The Harbinger and Retribution, now is the time.

Buy your copies today.

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