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Harbinger Chronicles Series

Talented author Christopher Huntingford is about to release the third book in the Harbinger Chronicles series and if you have yet to purchase your copies of The Harbinger and Retribution you will be missing out.

If you follow The Harbinger Chronicles Blog, you will remember that The Harbinger is the first book in the Harbinger Chronicles series written by talented author and storyteller, Christopher Huntingford.

Harbinger Chronicles Series

The Harbinger takes the reader on an epic journey into the Kingdom of Alveus, which up until now, has remained the true dominant when it comes to economic power for the past 200 years. However, all is not as it seems, as the royal family will pay dearly for the past sins of its family. Karma is alive and well outside the walls of Middlebrook, but how long will it take the King’s unwise choices from the past to catch up with his family, and most importantly, his son, the heir to the throne.

Harbinger Chronicles Series

From the end of the prologue, to the last chapter in The Harbinger, readers are taken on an adventure that explores fantasy fiction in a completely different way. What you think will happen quickly changes the minute you turn the page.

The Harbinger Chronicles series is fantasy fiction at its best with swashbuckling adventures that will rope you in and never let you go.

Intrigued? You should be! Christopher Huntingford has a way of telling a story that transports you to a fantasy fiction world where all is not as it seems.

Harbinger Chronicles Series

Once you pick up The Harbinger, you will never want to put it down and if you have access to a Kindle, you have the opportunity to purchase this incredible fantasy fiction book online and start reading immediately.

Get swept up into the magic of The Harbinger and Retribution before Accession is released.

Don’t wait any longer to read the Harbinger Chronicles series books of the decade and buy your Kindle copy of The Harbinger and Retribution today.

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