Writer Christopher Huntingford on Another Adventure

writer Christopher Huntingford

Writer Christopher Huntingford, author of The Harbinger and Retribution is known by friends and family as a bit of a pirate. The author of The Harbinger and Retribution certainly enjoys his time away from the daily grind. If you follow The Harbinger Chronicles Blog, you will know that he and his bride Stacy certainly have a great time, in fact, just last week the pair went to Cabo with their pirates in crime, Rob and Michelle.

writer Christopher Huntingford

Just like the characters in The Harbinger Chronicles Series, the four enjoyed a whirlwind 4 days in Mexico lapping up the sand and surf and having the time of their lives. The vacationing couples even got to emulate young Prince Alexander, the leader of the Royal Horseman in his Kingdom of Alveus as they enjoyed a horse ride along the beach. If you follow the Harbinger Chronicles Blog, you will know that Prince Alexander is a true adventurer at heart and would rather sail the seas than lead an army into battle.

writer Christopher HuntingfordStacy, writer Christopher Huntingford, Michelle, and Robert didn’t stop at the beach. The foursome swam with the dolphins in what was said to be the experience of a lifetime and a must if you are headed to Cabo.

writer Christopher Huntingford

Margaritas, great food, breakfast through a personal door into the suite, lots of laughs, beautiful sunsets and much more tequila, did more than put a smile on author Christopher Huntingford’s face.

Rumor has it that writer Christopher Huntingford has come up with some swashbuckling action for his next book in The Harbinger Chronicles Series. Inspired by the beauty of Mexico and the people who crossed his path, we may see his Prince Alexander getting his wish setting sale to faraway lands.

Writer Christopher Huntingford

If you haven’t read The Harbinger or Retribution, get your hands on the hardcopies or download on your Kindle or Kindle Device. It’s going to be a hot summer and if you can’t get to Cabo you can at least cool off with a cold drink and a good book.

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